Pastoral Prayer for Syria #PrayForSyria

pray-for-syriaGod of all compassion, in the name of your beloved Son Jesus we lift our prayer to you this day for Syria. As we approach you in prayer we also call upon your living Spirit to dwell in our hearts and minds, so that our inarticulate and half-hearted prayers may become worthy of you and of our identity in Christ Jesus – so that our inarticulate and half-hearted prayers may become worthy of those for whom we pray. They are your children, loved and embraced in your Son, our Lord.

We confess, O God, that we have not exhibited the love of Christ toward the suffering children and men and women of Syria in the past months and years – we have been failures in love. We have glossed over news that thousands have been killed, and tens of thousands have been displaced. In our heard-heartedness we have assumed that this is the way it has ever been and will ever be in our world. Forgive us our lack of compassion; forgive our heard-heartedness; forgive our willingness to abandon others to hell; forgive us our lack of hope.

We pray today for the most vulnerable in Syria, for children and women and men who are caught in the crossfire, literally and figuratively; who are without means of escape, without power to protect themselves, and without friends or leaders to advocate for them. We pray for those who have fled their towns and cities and are now displaced and homeless. We pray for those who, in the midst of their own life’s chaos and uncertainty, mourn the death of friends and loved ones. By your mercy and grace, and through the actions of those who live in and enact your love, grant to each of these a place of belonging and security and hope. Continue reading