come for breakfast…

Our New Testament lesson this morning from John chapter 21 is jam-packed with activity. Full to over-flowing with interesting and even astonishing moments.

There is Peter inviting the disciples to go fishing.

There is a long night of catching nothing.

There is a stranger on the shore telling them to try the other side of the boat.

There is a huge catch of fish.

There is the disciples’ recognition of Jesus.

There is Peter throwing himself into sea.

There is breakfast on the shore.

The passage is jam-packed with action and activity – full of interesting and astonishing moments.

As we get into the passage this morning it might be helpful to set out a kind of parallel between the busyness and activity of this passage and the busyness and activity of our lives. This passage is overflowing with activity in much the same way that our lives are overflowing with activity. Continue reading