the weight of glory

A sermon preached this past Sunday, on the transfiguration of Jesus. In this sermon I have relied on the insights of various people, including N.T. Wright, Timothy Keller, and Barbara Brown Taylor.


Have you ever had a mountaintop experience? You have worked hard for something; you’ve put in time and energy – perhaps days or weeks of hard work. And then you finally accomplish the task or achieve the goal you’ve been striving for. There is a feeling of delight, accomplishment, of confident joy. 

A mountaintop experience is of course named for the experience of those who put in the time and energy – sometimes the extreme effort – of climbing a mountain. When you reach the top there is an exhausted, glorious delight as you look out on an amazing vista, as the wind whips against your face, as clouds pass by before you. There is a sense of freedom and joy and accomplishment. A mountaintop experience…

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