Answered prayer?

Sending a child to kindergarten in Quebec can be complicated – particularly if you want to enroll your child in the English system. The year before Tabea went off to kindergarten, Becky and I realized we’d have to get a certificate of eligibility to enroll her in the English system. As you all know, to send your child to English school you have to prove that one of the child’s parents received their elementary education, in English, within Canada.

Now I figured this would be pretty straightforward. Becky went to elementary school in French in Ontario – which meant it was up to me to prove that I was educated in an English context. So I did the most obvious thing and wrote to the elementary school I attended in Beaverton, Ontario. I wrote to the principal and requested a letter confirming I had gone to school there from First through Sixth grade.

Well, I never received a reply to that letter, which I wrote in the month of September. So a couple of months later I called the school and spoke directly with the Principal. She said she hadn’t received my letter, and that in any case she wouldn’t have any records of my education there – in fact she made very little effort to understand why exactly I needed this letter.

To make a very long story shorter, the Principal of my former elementary school wasn’t much inclined to help me. It took me a number of phone calls, and at least four letters written to Beaverton Public School, over the course of four months, to get what I needed. I even sent the principal a copy of my Grade 1 report card – one of the few that my mother had saved – she happened to have put it in a scrapbook for me. Continue reading