What do you see? Looking with the eyes of faith. #sermon #thanksgiving

In this sermon I have largely followed the interpretation of the passage offered by Dennis Hamm – The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 1994.


What do you see?

It’s a basic human question.

What do you see?

In any given situation – in any visual landscape – it is possible to see many different things. Or to put it a little differently, any given situation can be seen from a many different perspectives. Let me give a simple example to explain what I mean:

If you are at the grocery store and you see a young child carelessly picking items off the shelf, perhaps dropping a can of tomatoes – and you see his mother react angrily, yelling at the child. What do you see? Do you see a disobedient child who obviously hasn’t been shown how to behave properly – and do you see an impatient mother? Or do you see a child doing what children normally do? And perhaps a mother who is tired and at wits end because she is run off her feet?

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