Looking to the Horizon

I participated in a pulpit-exchange this past Sunday with the Rev. Paul Wu of the Taiwanese Robert Campell Presbyterian Church, which is just a few blocks over from us here in NDG. It was perhaps a first step toward a closer relationship, and greater cooperation, between our congregations. This is the sermon I preached there.



What is it that lies over the horizon?  Do you have a sense of what is approaching over the horizon?

As my wife and I drove from Montreal all the way to Vancouver Island several years ago, we often had a pretty good idea what lay beyond that place where sky reached hill or field.

As we made our way through rugged Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario we couldn’t see much beyond those stone outcroppings.  Yet we were confident that over the horizon, Prairie would soon enough open up before us.  And sure enough – as we came through Kenora and sped on toward Winnipeg, the trees began to melt away and the landscape opened into the vastness of farmland. Continue reading