where will envy take you #sermon #proverbs #envy

The content of this sermon is based in part on Rebecca Konyndyk De Young’s Glittering Vices (Brazos, 2009).


I could feel envy eating me up – from the inside out.

I could feel envy getting hold of my life and my thoughts and my emotions.

But it seemed that there was little I could do to escape – there was little I could do to turn things around. Envy had a grip and it wasn’t letting go.

I have discovered that the Proverb gets it exactly right: “A tranquil heart is the life of the flesh; But envy is the rottenness of the bones.”

I have discovered that Chyrsostom was exactly right: “As a moth gnaws a garment, so doth envy consume a man.”

I’m not saying that I was just a victim in all of this. I know I’m responsible for my own actions. But for a time it was like I had became an observer of my own life. I could see what was happening. I could see where I was going. I could see what I was doing. And I could see the train wreck that lay down the track – a train wreck that would involve me and the person of whom I was envious. Continue reading