Biography of Faith: Bonhoeffer

The first sermon in a series of four that explore the lives of men and women who are models for us of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. For this sermon I relied in part on the biographical piece by Burton, in the Cambridge Companion to Bonhoeffer – particularly on the question of his conversion.


Let me ask a couple of questions as we begin this morning:

What does it look like when someone is following Jesus? 

What does a genuinely Christian life look like?

And then another question that flows from these – perhaps a more important question:

 How do we learn to really follow Jesus, to live a genuinely Christian life?

These are fundamental questions for us. They are fundamental questions for those who claim to be Christian. What does it look like when someone is following Jesus? What does a truly Christian life look like? And, does my life look that way?

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