God Hides in Plain Sight

God hidesThis sermon, preached yesterday, is largely based on the Introduction to Dean Nelson’s book God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World.

Last week, in my final sermon on Ruth, I raised precisely the question that Nelson raises in his book. Coming across Nelson’s book this past week, it struck me that it would provide a great interlude before we move on to other themes in the weeks ahead.


Let me begin this morning by sharing a simple, personal story that I shared with the Elders of the congregation at our meeting this past week.

Last weekend, Becky participated in a triathlon down at the Olympic Basin on Ile Notre Dame. It was what’s called a sprint triathlon – it is a shorter triathlon that involves a 750 meter swim in the Olympic basin, then a bike ride, and then a run.  I was there with our kids to watch Becky and to cheer her on. Continue reading