harvest time

We were out at Terre Bleue, the organic farm of Jamie and Nora Quinn (through which we have participated in community supported agriculture this year). Each year they invite their customers to a harvest celebration with a pot luck supper. It was great to show the kids where our vegetables have been coming from – and to see them get their hands dirty picking a few potatoes. It’s not exactly getting them close to the land, but it’s better than nothing for now.

Some pictures from our beautiful harvest afternoon:


Community Supported Agriculture

beet greensOur family is participating in community supported agriculture for the first time this year and have received our first two baskets – lots of leafy stuff in these early days of summer. But also radishes and beets… We receive an email the day before each delivery of vegetables, and I thought I’d share the first part of that email, from Nora Johnson:

Every spring we never fail to be excited by the way our farm, which has lain quiet through the long winter months, comes to life around us. It begins, in late March or early April, with the sound of the wood frogs and spring peepers and grows in intensity. The greenhouse is a warm spot even before all the snow has melted and there is always a toad or two who emerges there in the spring.

This year one of our resident toads made its home in one of the flats of tomato seedlings and during the heat of the day it would burrow under the loose seedling soil. When I watered the tomato plants it would scrunch down and blink its eyes. Continue reading