Spend Less – Getting Christmas Right

As we continue to make our way through the season of Advent, and as we approach the celebration of Christmas, we are sticking with the four themes of our Advent Conspiracy. In this season we are invited (or even commanded) to do the following:

Worship Fully       Spend Less        Give more        Love all

This is week two of Advent, and so this morning we are looking at this invitation and command to spend less. In this season of hopeful waiting, as we approach and celebrate the birth of Christ, we are invited and commanded to not pull out our credit card as often as we might at this time of the year.

Of course the big question for us is why? Why spend less? Presumably this invitation and command is offered as an answer to some problem. The creators of the Advent Conspiracy looked at their own lives and at the culture around us and decided we needed to hear this message: Spend Less.

But what is the problem to which spending less is the answer? Our first thought might be that spending less is an answer to the problem of greed. We should spend less because we aren’t supposed to be greedy. This is the season of Scrooge, isn’t it, when we are reminded that greediness, and avarice, and acquisitiveness are contrary to the message of Christmas. And after all, ours is an age that has produced the ubiquitous self-storage facilities – where people keep all of the stuff they don’t have any more room for in their houses. Ours is an age that has some of the largest homes in all of history. Our is an age that sees such a contrast between the number of things possessed by the man and the huge number of things possessed by the 1%. (And remember that we in the west are part of the 1% globally speaking…) Continue reading