Boaz steps up

A sermon in our continuing series on Ruth.


It seems that Baoz is not going to waste any time. His night with Ruth on the threshing floor is barely over.

Just a few hours ago she uncovered his legs and lay down beside him,

just a few hours ago she asked him to take her in marriage,

When Ruth returns to Naomi in the earliest hours of that morning, and tells her everything that has happened, Naomi responds. “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out, for the man will not rest, but will settle the matter today.” And Naomi is exactly right, for the narrative turns very quickly from a private moment on the threshing floor to a very public event at the city gate. And that’s where we find Boaz that next day – at the city gate.

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salvation by courage alone

Another sermon in our series on Ruth. Again, I largely follow the Interpretation series commentary on Ruth.


It was a fateful evening on the threshing floor – no doubt the events of that night were burned into the memory of Boaz. It was a night like no other. 

The threshing floor is out in the middle of a field – it is a place where the wheat and barley that have been harvested will bee processed. The valuable grain is separated from the stalk of the plant and from the chaff. After a long day of threshing wheat or barley, and after a meal and some wine with his men, Boaz settles down for the night. No doubt the combination of hard work and wine knock Boaz out pretty quickly – no doubt he is in a dead sleep not long after he puts his head down to rest. Continue reading