Advent Psalm (126)

Advent Psalm (126)

Weary and sleepless,
caught off guard by
racing pulse, panic, vertigo;
rare reprieve to breathe,
palpable lostness.

Heading for home,
down old Highway 6 through tears,
Aberfoyle, Puslinch, Clappison’s Corners,
steering south on automatic pilot,
college kid’s stick-shift Jetta.

Over Skyway Bridge,
past belching steelwork ugliness,
along escarpment’s familiar lines;
angled off-ramp deceleration
toward welcoming place. Continue reading


advent blues…

Most of us have crossed a number of borders in our lifetime. Like many of you, I’ve crossed the border between Canada and the U.S. quite a few times – I’ve crossed that border by land, over bridges, and in the air. In the past I’ve driven with my parents across the border between Holland and Germany. Of course in our time of frequent air travel you’re often crossing borders without even realizing it, especially if you fly in or out of Europe.

But when it comes to crossing a border, I think we’d have to say that there is something unique about crossing by land. There’s something unique about it because when you cross by land there is always a kind of in-between space. No-man’s land, as it is called. You have passed the border station of one country, and you are approaching the border station of another country, but for just a few meters or minutes you are nowhere exactly.  Not in one country. Not in the other. You are in an undefined middle. Continue reading