love casts out fear – a sermon

No one has ever seen God.

Maybe you remember that familiar story of Moses. Moses was someone who talked with God – Moses was someone who talked with God like God was a friend right there beside him. But even Moses never saw God. On one occasion Moses went as far as to ask God: “God, show me your glory.” And God said in reply – sure, I will let my goodness pass in front of you – and I will speak my own glorious name in your presence – but you will not see my face. When my glory passes by you, I’m going to put you into a great crevice in the rock, and I’m going to cover you with my great hand until I’m gone. And after I’ve passed by, I will take away my hand, and you will see my back as I pass you by.

No one has ever seen God.

Moses did not see God.

You have never seen God.

I have never seen God.

Sure, some of the prophets and kings of the Old Testament had visions of God – dreams or waking visions of God in the glorious throne room of heaven. In the book of Revelation, also, there are grand visions of the throne room of God. Yes, there are women and men and kings and prophets who have had visions of God. Continue reading