Baptism of Jesus – the water of Jordan as blessing – from an Armenian liturgy for Epiphany

From a 1905, Armenian liturgy, for the blessing of water in Epiphany;

“And now we pray thee, Lord who lovest mankind, send thy holy Spirit from above into this water. Bless and hallow it, and endue it with the grace of the Jordan. And make it a fountain of blessing, and a gift of incorruptibility; a loosing of sin, a healing of the sick, dread ruin of demons, health of the afflicted, fearless of the power that confronts, filled full with angelic power.”

Beautiful, rich, and powerful. I’m focusing on “the grace of the Jordan”. As Kilian McDonnell points out, there are two traditions regarding the Jordan – one that says you must go there because its waters are blessed – another that says that the blessing of Jordan (and of Jesus’ baptism there) reaches us wherever we are. This liturgy assumes the latter – as do I.


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