Our God – the bluster of winter is upon us – the frosty wind of this season has made its presence known to us

Our God – the bluster of winter is upon us – the frosty wind of this season has made its presence known to us. Grey clouds, ice and snow and cold are becoming the new normal of our daily life. Along with this weather, O God, come the accoutrements of the season: touques and scarves, heavy socks and boots, winter coats and long underwear. And within our everyday lexicon, certain words are being revived: snowball, slippery, snowplow, skis. Our God, creator of all that is, we delight in the changing seasons – we delight in this season of winter.  Particularly we are grateful that as surely as Autumn has passed into Winter, and as surely as Winter will pass into Spring and into Summer – so also your faithfulness is certain. In every season you are present to us, accompanying us and blessing us.  In this season Winter, bless, protect and guide us, we pray in Jesus’ name.

Our God, we are not only in the season of winter – and we are not only a people of winter. We are also in the season of Christmas – and this season defines us more decisively even than winter – hard as that may be to believe some days. You have come among us. Veiled in flesh the godhead see. In the child born to Mary you have drawn near to us by becoming one with us – in him is forgiveness, in him is compassion; in him we discover truth; in him we find new life.  Our God, in this season remind us that we are a Christmas people – let that truth sink into our heart and minds – let it flow out in our words and actions. We pray through Christ the incarnate, the life-giving one. Amen.


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