slugs and beer

We started a backyard garden last year, and had a slug problem almost immediatley – I’m pretty sure the slimy critters are creeping into our garden from the neighbour’s yard in the middle of the night. Last year they ruined our peppers and a good number of tomatoes. This year, so far, I’m almost certain they’re the ones eating the leaves off of my just-sprouted beans.

This year we have opened two fronts in the war on slugs. We have put copper pipe on the ground around the tomatoes and peppers (apparently slugs won’t cross copper). Can’t confirm, yet, whether that is a success.

But on the second front we appear to be winning. The secret weapon? Beer, placed in a container whose top is level with the soil. This morning I went out and looked in the beer and, sure enough, about 35 slugs in the containers. It may be too late for the beans (we’ll see) but at least we’ve got options.


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