for real

At our Jazz Vespers this weekend, the theme will be (in advance of February 14th) Love. Yes, in a playful way at first, and then reaching toward more substance, too. We will read a few poems by Micheal O’Siadhail’s Love Life during the vespers. One that we won’t read, but which is wonderfully simple, is ‘For Real’. In this poem, as in others of the collection, echoes of The Song of Solomon.


A first gazing at you unawares.
Wonder by wonder my body savours.

The conch-like detail of an ear,
An amethyst ring on your finger.

Could I ever have enough of you?
Juiced cantaloupe, ripe honeydew,

Slack desire so I desire you more.
Laugh as no one laughed before.

Vivid more vivid, real more real.
I stare toward heavens you reveal.

Yellower yellow. Bluer blue.
Can you see me as I see you?

Sweeter than being loved to love.
Sweetest our beings’ hand in glove.

Milk and honey, spice and wine.
I’m your lover. You are mine.


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